Activision has announced that a new Indiana Jones game is in development for a late spring release this year.

Set to be released for both the Wii and DS, as well as the PSP and PS2, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings will see a globe-trotting Indy in a race against his evil nemesis, Magnus Völler, to find the Staff of Moses.

Each of the environments in the game will be completely interactive, meaning players will need to use their wits to work out how to best defeat their enemies.

Indy's trademark whip also features and players of the Wii version will be able to swing the Wii remote in a whip-like fashion to use it.

There will be a cooperative gameplay mode, which will allow you and a friend to go through the game together - apparently playing as a familiar character never previously playable.

There will also be an unlockable four-player versus mode, where you can take on your friends in a spot of biplane combat or a tank battle.

The classic Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis game is also apparently an unlockable extra, which will make old-school gamers feel all warm inside.

More on a firm release date when we get it. In the meantime check out the two screenshots in the gallery for a taster as to what you can expect.