Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band 2 will indeed be with us before Christmas, and will begin shipping in Europe on November 14th.

However, with an exclusive launch window in Europe, the game won't make it to UK shelves until November 21st.

The publisher has moved fast to make an announcement after one of EA's PR agencies sent out an email yesterday letting slip the game would be available "this side of Christmas"

Pricing for Rock Band 2 on Xbox 360 will be £49.99 for UK, however you'll have to wait until the beginning of December for the Rock Band 2 standalone hardware.

Rock Band 2 boasts the largest music catalogue of any music-based video game to date, with over 100 songs included on the Rock Band 2 soundtrack, and of course the added bonus of complete backward compatibility with your original Rock Band songs.

Harmonix says this means that in total, the Rock Band music library will have over 500 songs by the end of the year.

With rumours that Guitar Hero World Tour will be with us before the big day too (but no confirmed date as yet, which will be on your Christmas list?