Rock Band fans in the States may actually be doing us a favour getting hold of the second installment of the game so far in advance, as they're spotting all the bugs before it gets to us. And boy have they spotted a big one.

A bug that appears to be only affecting Xbox 360 users wipes groups from the hard drive.

It seems to be affecting users on consoles with a Live enabled primary account and a non-Live enabled secondary account, which is probably fairly widespread.

Basically, players have found themselves getting annoyingly far into the game only to find the tour band disappear, leaving you having to restart and start all over again. This happens repeatedly as well, which has to be a bit of a pain.

Harmonix has not commented on the bug, but distributor EA has said it will be looking in to the matter.

So far, no European date has been announced for Rock Band 2, but if it means we get a fully-functional version by the time it gets to us, it might just be worth the wait.