The story of a new, unannounced peripheral for Guitar Hero: World Tour that hit the headlines last week, was actually just a big misinterpretation according to G4, who broke the story.

The website has retracted the article, stating that a Red Octane rep had contacted them to say "there is no new peripheral".

However, when asked about why a keyboard controller (what the new peripheral was rumoured to be) was left out of the music game, project director Brian Bright suggested it deserved a game in its own right.

He said: "A keyboard controller deserves to be introduced with its own game. This is something we're thinking about."

As for the keyboard's absence from World Tour, "We wanted a big mix of music in World Tour and adding a keyboard controller would either have limited our choices, or the players'."

Activision has trademarked the name Keyboard Hero in the past, so it seems it could be more a case of when we see such a game and not if.