Guitar Hero World Tour is to have yet another instrument peripheral added to its selection, the games developer Neversoft has confirmed.

The instrument will be made specifcally for use in the Studio mode where you'll be able to make your own music.

Unfortunately, we don't know what the new instrument might be as Neversoft's Brian Bright stopped short of confirming what we could expect, however rumours on the internet are suggesting everything from a keyboard to a turntable peripheral. Activision has trademarked DJ Hero and Keyboard Hero in the past, so this may not be far off the mark.

It's a bit of a late announcement for the new bit of kit, considering the game is due to be released within the coming months. Perhaps this won't come bundled with the rest of the instruments and will be an optional purchase the company thought up late in the day.

Who knows, but nothing is showing up on retail sites just yet. Patience is a virtue...