While the hype is still swirling for the fifth installment in the popular Call of Duty franchise, Activision's CEO has already confirmed that a sixth game is being lined up for 2009.

The follow-up to not-yet-released World At War will be more than likely developed by Infinity Ward, after Bobby Kotick said the title would follow the series' "leapfrog studio strategy". This indicates they will switch back from WoW creator Treyarch, the company in charge of COD5, to COD4 developer Infinity Ward.

This was all revealed in an earnings call to investors, during which Kotick also confirmed a number of licensed properties, including Transformers 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine.

Kotick said: "As we look ahead to calendar 2009, even though it is early, the slate is strong.

"Our lineup will be anchored by multiple new Guitar Hero SKUs; an all-new Call of Duty, utilizing our leapfrog studio strategy; and a completely reinvented Tony Hawk."

He added: "In addition, we will launch Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and we will have a number of movie titles, including Marvel’s Wolverine, Transformers 2, DreamWorks’ Monsters versus Aliens, and 20th Century Fox’s Ice Age."

No more details such as platforms or expected release dates were mentioned. More when we get it.