Activision has announced plans today to wage a campaign of new content for the next-gen leading Call of Duty2 with the release of nine multiplayer maps on Xbox Live online gaming service this week.

The first four maps will be available for download this spring. The remaining five maps will be released in a second barrage in July.

The four maps slated for release this spring will include a Bonus Map Pack (Vossenack and Wallendar, Germany) will be released for free, and Skirmish Map Pack (Kalach, Russia and Beaumont-Hague, France) will be sold for 400 Microsoft Points through Xbox Live Marketplace.

In July, the Invasion Pack will be launched for 900 Microsoft Points, a multiplayer map pack featuring five new maps that include:

Antoville, France (Crossroads), St. Louet, France (Newvillers), Amaye sur Seulles, France (Normandy), Alam Halfa, Egypt (Decoytown), and Rostov, Russia (Harbor).