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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Warzone might be on its way to mobile, according to a seasoned leaker. It comes after confirmation from Activision that it's working on something for mobile in the Call of Duty franchise, although it's unsurprisingly not commenting on this rumour.

Tom Henderson has a track record with the Call of Duty franchise in particular (along with a good rate of accuracy when it comes to Battlefield), and he recently confirmed that as far as he knows there's a mobile version of Warzone well on its way to the market.


This is partly based on a listing that was discovered on PlayTestCloud, which is a service through which mobile developers can get playtesting done for their games ahead of release. PlayTestCloud has since said that the listing was not created by Activision and was an assumption on its part.

However, Henderson is sticking to his guns and claiming that the game is aiming to release in 2022, meaning that it's clearly a fair way along in development. From a neutral standpoint, it would make a huge amount of sense for Activision to capitalise on its success with Warzone.

PUBG and Fortnite have had lucrative mobile versions for years, while even a smaller player like Apex Legends is now playable on mobile, and from the revenue figures posted by the normal Call of Duty Mobile game it's clear that it would likely be a moneyspinner for the franchise to offer Warzone as well.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.