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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Warzone has well and truly settled into Caldera now, after it waved goodbye to the original map, Verdansk, upon the launch of the most recent mainline Call of Duty game, COD Vanguard.

Season 5 is now in progress, a season that should bring the Caldera era to a close as things move over to Warzone 2.0. Here's everything you need to know.

What's new in the Warzone Season 5 mid-season update?

Call of Duty Warzone's days are numbered - with the next version of the game on the horizon, things are winding down in Caldera.

There's still new content arriving for now, though, with the mid-season update for Season 5 having now deployed.


Below are the key details on the changes it brings, but for all the full details be sure to read the patch notes here!

New weapons

Two new weapons are being added to the game in the form of the BP50 assault rifle and the Lienna 57 LMG.

The BP50 has a high rate of fire and good accuracy, while the Lienna starts off accurate before getting harder to control in longer bursts of fire.

Quality of life changes

Raven has pushed a bunch of changes live to make the game a bit easier to understand and play, including a new discount system that makes loadout drops cheaper the further through a game you are, great for regaining if you come back from the gulag.

Weapon balancing

As always, there's a lot of weapon balancing going on as well, including buffs to underused weapons like the CR-56 AMAX and Oden.

When did Warzone Season 5 launch?

Season 5 launched with the subtitle Last Stand, and it looks like things are heating up. The season was released on 24 August 2022.

The update brought plenty with it, including the long-awaited eruption of Peak.

What was new in Warzone Season 5?

There are quite a few changes as everything and the kitchen sink gets chucked into Warzone. Here are the highlights, but you can find the full details on the Call of Duty blog here.

Peak volcano eruption

The volcano under Peak has finally erupted (or at least started leaking), changing the area with new lava flows that are presumably going to be pretty lethal if you fall into them.

Activision Call of Duty new season details photo 38

The rest of the map has also been updated with new lighting and weather effects, as the storm from the last couple of seasons clears.

New weapons

There are a massive five new weapons coming during the season: the EX1 energy rifle, RA 225 SMG, Valois revolver, plus the BP50 and Lienna 58 assault rifles.

The EX1 ditches is a full-on laser rifle, a futuristic twist for Warzone and Vanguard alike.

New gulag

There's a new gulag for Caldera players, seemingly inspired by the volcanic eruption.

New equipment

Various new pieces of equipment are available, too. There's a Supply Box UAV killstreak to highlight any unopened loot boxes in your area, and potentially help you find a valuable Personal Supply Box, containing high-tier loot and loadout guns.

Once per round a Doomsday Station will let a squad face off against AI opponents to earn similarly impressive rewards if they survive.

Finally, Rage Serum pickups will turn you into a melee monster for a short while, potentially turning the tide of a close-range fight.

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When did Warzone Season 4 Reloaded launch?

The mid-season update for Season 4 dropped on 27 July 2022, and is now available to play.

There are plenty of new details to sink your teeth into, and we've gone into all the main changes below.

What's new in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded?

This mid-season update isn't necessarily the most seismic in terms of new content, but there's still a fun new mode to enjoy and a fair amount of balance tweaking to get through. You can read the full patch notes online here for all the tiny details you might like.

New mode - Rebirth of the Dead

Rebirth Island has been overrun by zombies, in another return for the undead in Warzone. This is a fun, frantic mode that sees your team come back as zombies when they die, earning to the right to a full respawn by collecting antiviral vials.

Expect truly crazy endgames as teams fight to be the last group with a fully alive member standing, and a way more action-packed pace than Warzone normally offers.

New weapon - Vargo-S: Assault Rifle

This assault rifle is easy to unlock and offers great recoil control, making it ideal for long-range encounters, although its damage profile is lower in order to counteract that strength.

Gameplay tweaks and balancing

The portable redeploy balloon deployable is now available in-game as a rare drop to help you rotate when you need to. Bomber planes are also back in Caldera, which will be interesting for the balance of matches.

There have been a variety of balance tweaks for weapons, including a long-awaited full nerf for the dominant NZ-41 assault rifle, which should be less of a universal pick for players now. Older guns like Modern Warfare's Kilo 141 and CR-Amax have got welcome buffs to help them compete.

New operators

There are a bunch of new skins coming to the store, with the most amusing being a pair of Terminator options to let you dress up like the killer robots from the popular movies. There are some in-game events running along that theme too, to let you earn calling cards and other rewards.

When did Warzone Season 4 launch?

Warzone's fourth season of Vanguard content launched on 22 June 2022.

That means you can drop into the game right now (after what could be a chunky update if you haven't played in a few months) to check out the new map and other changes.

What's new in Warzone Season 4?

We now know plenty about Season 4 including one big headline - it's dropping an entirely new map into Warzone. You can find out more below, or check out the official blog post for more details (the patch notes are also now out, and have things down to the percentage point).

New map - Fortune's Keep

A new map arrives for the first time since Caldera, and Fortune's Keep is added to the rotation. It's a little bigger than Rebirth Island, but therefore still way smaller than the main Battle Royale map.

It's a vibrant-looking criminal haven with a few main zones including a vineyard, a castle and a quaint coastal town for us to rampage through.

Activision Call of Duty new season details photo 36

The map will host Resurgence game modes like Rebirth Island, letting you get back into the action quickly after being killed, with the same player counts at first. Raven will experiment with higher player counts once we've had time to learn the map a little more.

There are plenty of easter eggs being uncovered throughout Fortune's Keep, from hidden treasure to be dug up to a grave where you can "Press X to pay respects", and the map also has a whole bunch of different routes and climbing spots to uncover, too.

Caldera map changes

A frequent gripe among dedicated Warzone players since Caldera launched was that the amount of vegetation could make it really challenging to work out where you were being shot from at key times, especially in between points of interest.

That's been listened to, seemingly - Caldera has been given a once-over that's shaved away 50 per cent of all of its vegetation.

The map has also been drained of much of its water, too, with a few changes to points of interest and the addition of some new areas, albeit not huge ones for the most part.

One very welcome return comes in the form of Storage Town, which is dropped in near Mines and Dig Site, letting veterans of Verdansk tear up a point of interest they know like the back of their hand.

This all means that the main battle royale mode wasn't ignored for this season's update. You can check out a really detailed showcase of all the changes, as well as details of Fortune's Keep, on the Call of Duty blog here.

Activision Call of Duty new season details photo 35

New weapons

As always there are some new weapons to unlock and explore, this time in the form of the Marco 5 SMG and the UGM-8 LMG.

The Marco 5 is highly mobile (like that was an issue on other Vanguard SMGs!), and is also the first Vanguard SMG that you can use akimbo. The UGM-8 sounds like it could have massive magazine sizes, and seemingly is also more mobile than most LMGs.

New items

Some new items are entering the game, with some very interesting potential uses. There's a new EMP grenade to scramble enemies' vision and disable vehicles for a short amount of time, as well as a portable redeploy balloon that fills your field upgrade slot, which could be a huge boon if you need a rapid relocation.

When did Warzone Season 3 Reloaded launch?

The mid-season update for Warzone's third season of Vanguard content came out on 25 May 2022, and brought with it a surprisingly deep set of changes to how the game plays.

You can read the full details in the patch notes, but we'll also break down the key additions, below.

What's new in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded?

There were plenty of changes in this mid-season update - here are the key ones.

New fast-travel

Activision Call of Duty new season details photo 33

There is now a range of tunnels under Caldera that will allow you to quickly travel around the map, freeing up more ways to rotate away from the gas. Be warned, though - they're all accessed by a single ladder, so can easily be ambushed.

New squad HUD

An all-new look has been added to the squad HUD in the bottom left of your screen when playing with teammates - you can now see how many plates they have, whether they have a gas mask or killstreak, and whether they'll go to the Gulag when they die or not. It's a huge amount of new information that you no longer have to call out to discover.

H4 Blixen SMG

There's a new SMG to unlock, with a slightly onerous requirement that you get three sliding kills in 15 different matches to get access to it. It's a slower-firing SMG that can also be made to use a burst pattern.

New perk - Serpentine

Another perk comes across from Vanguard to Warzone, reducing incoming damage by 20 percent if you're sprinting, which is great for getting away from snipers and covering fire. It takes up a blue perk slot, though, so you'll have to sacrifice something like Cold Blooded.

New items

There are four new items to find in loot boxes and on the ground - a Gulag Entry Token, Redeploy Extraction Token, Speed Boost and Radar Jammer. The first two give you another opportunity to fight back into the game, or an automatic immediate redeploy.

Speed Boost gives you a short period of super-speed, which is always a bonus, while the Radar Jammer makes everyone's minimaps go screwy, albeit in a way that signposts you're in the area.

Gameplay tweaks

Alongside these additions, there are some seriously big changes to gameplay that are more miscellaneous. For example, buying a player back now only costs $3,000, while everyone also moves more quickly once they've been downed.

You'll keep 80 percent of your money when you die, so getting back into the game is a little easier from a few angles, while Self-Revives are also more commonly found now. Lethal equipment like grenades and throwing knives have been buffed in the damage department to keep up with raised player health totals.

When did the Godzilla vs King Kong event end?

The long-awaited and much-rumoured arrival of Godzilla and King Kong on the island was part of a limited-time event called Operation Monarch. The mode saw both monsters roaming the island while players peppered them with damage to unlock items and killstreaks.

You can find full details on Operation Monarch in the official blog post about it, here. It was a fun game mode to try out, changing up the pace of Warzone a great deal.

Activision Call of Duty new season details photo 32

The event started on 11 May, and it ran for a full two weeks before it ended on 25 May.

When did Warzone Season 3 launch?

Season 3 of Warzone, subtitled Classified Arms, launched on 27 April, so you can tuck into it in-game now.

There's a bunch of detail in the above image about what's arrived in the season, but we've broken it down below.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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