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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has deployed its sixth season of content, with a patch available to players on all platforms now activating a new sweep of maps, guns and operators, plus some exciting changes for Warzone. 

The biggest change coming to Warzone immediately is the addition of a map-wide subway system, which is slighty complicated in how it works but can get you around Verdansk much more quickly than before. 

The stations, which replace what were previously simple outdoor basements around the map, have item spawns leading down to the platforms, and trains will only travel to other stations inside the gas circle. They'll not move, though, if there's any fighting aboard, which could make for an interesting dynamic. 

Season 6 also refreshes the ground loot around Verdansk, and adds two new weapons - the SP-R208 bolt-action marksman rifle and AS-VAL silenced assault rifle, both unlockable through the free tiers of the new battle pass. Farah and Nikolai, familiar faces from Modern Warfare's campaign, are the new operators joining the fight. 

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A small change that's very welcome is a tweak to the balance of both C4 and the Origin-12 shotgun; the first has had its throwing range curtailed, and the second its close-range damage reduced, both of which could be significant changes for the Warzone meta. 

There will also be a significant tie-in with Halloween later in October, it would seem, with a night mode teased for Warzone and various skins and cosmetic unlocks available for a range of operators. 

ActivisionCall of Duty: Warzone gets Season 6 update, bringing subway system and more photo 2

A range of new maps are also coming to the multiplayer rotation, many of them adapted from the main Verdansk map, with new modes also joining the fray. The patch is available now, so get downloading ASAP. You can read full and detailed information about all the changes on the Activision Blog and check Infinity Ward's patch notes for even more granular explanation. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.