(Pocket-lint) - Activision has announced that Call of Duty Mobile's new season, Season 9, starts on Saturday, 15 August. 

Called Conquest, it'll bring a new battle pass, game mode, weapons customisations, and Battle Royale areas. There's even a refreshed multiplayer with a new close-quarters map, Shipment 1944. As for the in-game Battle Royale map, it will offer four new locations: Campground, Dormitory, Outpost, and Radar Base. These have the new Armor Plate item for damaged armor. 

Season 9 players will be able to further customise guns, with Gunsmith. There are over 50 new attachments, 20 new reticles, and 60 weapon levels. Battle Royale also supports Gunsmith. And with the new battle pass, it has both free and premium tiers with new characters, weapon skins and charms, scorestreak, and more. Season 9 also includes miscellaneous UI updates.


Here's the full list of new stuff:

  • New MP Map - Shipment 1944
  • Four new Battle Royale locations - Dormitory, Radar Base, Outpost, and Campground
  • Season 9: Conquest Battle Pass - New characters, weapons, items and more
  • New Mode - 10v10 Featured Playlists (in Season 9)
  • Marquee Event - Finest Hour - Conquer cities on a virtual map (in Season 9)
  • New Seasonal Challenges
  • New merchandise now available in the store
  • Various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimizations

Activision hasn't fully detailed every change, but it shared imagery (above) that outlines much of what you can expect. You will be able to grab Conquest from Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.