(Pocket-lint) - The next season of Call of Duty Mobile will soon be on us, expected to land on 10 July. It's going to be bringing with it a new map - Highrise.

Highrise is a smaller map designed to bring close quarter battle skills to the fore. It is set on rooftops, with two opposing office blocks as the spawn points and an open, multi-level area in the middle of the map.

The great thing about this map is it has a lot of enclosed spaces, tunnels from one office block to the other, so there's a chance for some action in the closed spaces, favouring those using SMGs.

It's not quite that simple, because there's an opening in the roof, meaning that those in the centre of the map will be able to target those on lower levels, but there's still plenty of indoor space, meaning shelter from some of the more devastating scorestreaks.

Importantly it's a map that provides plenty of variety, so it's going to make for some great multiplayer action.

At the moment we don't know what else is coming in the update, but the official Call of Duty Mobile Twitter did mention that customisation is the future, which some have taken to suggest that Gunsmith might be coming to Call of Duty Mobile allowing greater customisation of weapons.

There's not long to wait as we're expecting this update to drop by the end of the week.

Writing by Chris Hall.