(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Warzone has got the big mid-season adjustment and content pack that players were eagerly awaiting, in the form of another really sizeable download.

The patch brings with it myriad changes, big and small, alongside all-new content and gameplay tweaks. Although perhaps not the most glamourous, the biggest might well be a significant reduction to the damage range of both the Grau 5.56 assault rifle and MP5 submachine gun, the two default picks for most players at present.  

Whether that sees a significant shift in the meta-game strategy will unfold over time. More eye-catchingly, though, Infinity Ward has added a new type of contract that sounds seriously fun, called a Supply Run. Picking it up will tell your team a distant Buy Station to reach inside a time limit. Doing so will see that Station offer major discounts to your squad only. 

Another major change comes in the form of a new Quads mode that ups the player-count to 200 from the existing 150. Given how incredibly hectic Quads can already be, this could make for a pretty explosive start to most games as players fight for contracts. 

New game modes are in vogue, too, and Infinity Ward has also added Juggernaut Royale, which adds airdropped Juggernaut suits to the madness, more than a little like Fortnite's old Thanos power-up, to give players something else to scramble for. 

Finally, a new sniper rifle comes in the form of the Rytec AMR, a semi-auto that'll give some competition to the HDR, AX-50 duopoly, while a new piece of equipment called the Spotter Scope lets you take a detailed look at distant environments and enemies without the tell-tale glint of a scoped-in gun. 

Over in Modern Warfare, meanwhile, a new map is deploying called Cheshire Park, set in London and looking nice and stately. Multiplayer is also getting a returning mode, Team Defender - a sort of capture the flag mode with only one flag for both teams to secure.

The update is live now on all platforms, so we'd recommend getting it downloaded ASAP given its chunky file size, so that you can dive in and experiment with the changes. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.