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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty Mobile has pushed out season 7, with an update to the game that clocks in at about 2GB (on Android). It brings with it a lot of changes, so it's definitely an update you want to grab on Wi-Fi before your next match. 

The next season is called Radioactive Agent, an appropriately post-apocalyptic theme with all the normal characters, weapons and items to match.

But the biggest changes come with tweaks across the game. The first thing you'll notice is a new intro to multiplayer matches, with a flyby over the map just before it starts. It looks really good too, the graphics are top notch.

That's also been accompanied by a more visceral soundtrack: while the weapons have always sounded great, we've been hearing more cries and shouts when people are hit, which adds another dimension to the game, albeit a slightly macabre one. 

But the real changes come with a 50 per cent expansion of the battle royale map, adding seven new zones to play through. This includes a shipyard, black market and more. There's also the addition a tank.

The tank will be randomly airdropped into the game, so it's going to be something to watch out for - and avoid if you don't have it!

There's also a new multiplayer mode called Attack of the Undead. This will make one of the 10 players an undead, who then has to catch and infect the other players. The aim is to survive as the horde grows.

The Gulag - from Warzone - is also being added and there's a new Tunisia multiplayer map. This is a large map with winding streets and plenty of variety. It's going to be a blast to play on.

As we said, the update is now available, so be sure to check your app store.

Writing by Chris Hall.