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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Warzone's been a relatively unqualified success story so far, according to all the reported metrics we've seen - it's got tens of millions of players, and has already begun to update and modify its gameplay over time. 

While players are still eagerly awaiting the solution to the ongoing puzzle of the bunkers being opened all over the Verdansk map, and with the game and Modern Warfare's Season 4 due to start imminently, the devs behind Warzone have made a tweak that had been requested since the mode first launched.

You can now queue up with one teammate to play the battle royale in duos mode, where up to 75 teams of two duke it out over the course of the game, rather than in the trios, quads and solos modes that have so far been available. 

We played a few rounds of duos with a friend this weekend, and can confirm that it skews a bit closer to solos than it does to trios or quads. By that, we mean that it's as tense as anything and relies on caution a fair bit more than the bigger team modes, where taking the fight to other squads aggressively is a legitimate tactic. 

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Warzone manages the impressive of job of offering up both bombastic action and tense moments, and it's nice that its different squad sizes also change this dynamic as you play. 

Meanwhile, Season 3 of the tied-up Modern Warfare and Warzone is about to end, with Season 4 commencing on June 3. We already know that the headline addition is series mascot Captain Price arriving as a playable operator, but whether any map changes or significant additions will be made remains to be seen. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.