(Pocket-lint) - PlayStation has gone early with the first free game for its PS Plus June line-up. Call of Duty: WWII isn't just part of it, it's being released today.

That means all PlayStation Plus subscribers can nab themselves a free copy of COD: WW2 - one of the best Call of Duty titles in recent times.

It revealed as much in a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account, stating that it is, indeed, part of the June line-up, but there is no word on why it's being released today instead.

One train of thought is that the May PS Plus line-up has been criticised by members - consisting of two sim games, Farming Simulator 19 and Cities: Skylines.

While good games, they hardly represent variety.

So an early release for COD: WWII could help appease those wanting a little more action to go with their wheat gathering and water network planning.

Another option is that the release is timed to coincide with the annual Days of Play sales, which started yesterday, Monday 25 May. There are plenty of PlayStation bargains on offer, including 30 per cent off PS Plus membership. A recent Call of Duty is a more enticing proposition.

Either way, we're not complaining. We'll see you on the battlefield (ahem).


Writing by Rik Henderson.