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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty Mobile continues to update and refresh, with the change to season 6 bringing with it a new theme. It's going to a Western theme this season, with plenty of content playing into that.

There's going to be new maps, including the Rust Map from Modern Warfare 2. This will set you in the old oil yard in the desert with plenty of variety around the map to suit all sorts of different game types.

Season 6 is also going to bring with it Capture the Flag, which will be played on the rust map, as a "new" multiplayer mode, although it's something of a classic when it comes to multiplayer games. Unreal Tournament 2 anybody? 

ActivisionCall of Duty Mobile image 1

There's also a new Saloon map. This is going to be a small map designed for 1v1 Duel and 2v2 Showdown modes and this will be dropping into the game in the middle of May. Duel will also be available in CODM's other small map, Killhouse. 

We're also going to be getting the Kill Confirmed mode in Call of Duty Mobile. This will be available from early May and you'll have to not only kill the enemy, but then collect the dog tag they drop to score points. It's a twist on deathmatch, basically. 

Aside from those new playable parts of the game, there's also a change to how the Battle Pass will work. The tasks are being removed and instead you'll get rewards for just playing - so you'll make progress doing the things you want, rather than having to chase down some objective doing something you don't really like.

There's now a new events system broken down into feature, seasonal, daily and more to help you focus on some of the new elements in the game, a little like the tasks from previous Battle Passes.

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The update for the game is rolling out now, so hit update in your app store. Season 6 will officially start on 1 May.

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