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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty Mobile will soon be adding a new map. Teasing the map via its community update, it invited fans to name that map - and it was correctly identified as Meltdown. 

Meltdown isn't an original map like the recently-added Cage, but instead was a map on Black Ops II. A the name suggest, it's based around a nuclear power plant. It should offer a range of indoor and outdoor opportunities for varied gameplay.

The original 2012 map was great for medium to heavy weapons and we imagine that will pass through into the mobile game too.

One of the reasons we think this will stay true to the Black Ops version is that Call of Duty Mobile is also talking about adding a new weapon, the KN-44. That is a heavy assault weapon with a slow rate of fire but heavy damage.

You'll be able to buy the new weapon with credits, or earn it through the Heavy Shot event and you can see how all the stars are aligning to make for some future heavy weapon gameplay.

The KN-44 is confirmed to be appearing in Call of Duty Mobile "next week" - so that could be any time from 9 March onwards - and there's no word on when the new map will appear, it's likely to be at the end of March or beginning of April.

Call of Duty Mobile currently offers a range of maps that favour different types of weapons in multiplayer. Maps like Nuketown are great for SMGs because it's small, whereas something like Crossfire can be a lot more appealing to snipers.

We await the update with bated breath.

Writing by Chris Hall.