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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Mobile has ripped through to season 3, meaning there's a load of new gaming features to look forward to.

On the multiplayer front there are new maps, one that's available immediately and on coming later in the month. You can play Scrapyard now, and those familiar with Call of Duty might remember it from Modern Warfare 2.

Having spent a little time in Scrapyard there's certainly the opportunity to mix up the tactics a little, with so many covered areas and many routes through the map, not to mention those windows high up at each end.

The second new multiplayer map is cage (pictured below), which is all-new.

ActivisionCall of Duty Mobile season 3 image 1

There are also new gameplay modes both in multiplayer and battle royale. In multiplayer you get Rapid Fire mode. This will give you unlimited ammo and much faster access to scorestreaks and operator skills, which means this is going to be a frenzy.

In battle royale there's now Warfare: this moves from being a squad or individual battle royale to a team game - it's not really battle royale at all. You'll start in different halves of the map as a bigger squad of 20 and you get to keep what you collect when you die - with unlimited respawns.

Yeah, so it's more like massive multiplayer than BR.

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On top of these additions to the game, there are adjustments in various areas and whole load more stuff to earn through the Battle Pass and Premium pass. 

Writing by Chris Hall.