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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty: Mobile has seen massive season 2 update, bringing in a whole new range of features. Firstly, across the board there are obvious tweaks to the visuals, animation and some of the UI elements to make things look sharper and better.

The other big change is that the third game type slot has been opened up as zombie mode. This is a full and separate gameplay mode that sits alongside multiplayer and battle royale and gives you something a little different to get involved with. 

Zombie mode has two different ways to play, there's survival or a raid mode. This gives you access to new maps, there are different in-game elements to contend with and some unique weapons, like a ray gun. 

On the multiplayer front there's a new map. Summit is a winter map sitting on a hilltop and it's one of the larger maps on offer - we've spent some time on it and it's great fun, a lot more varied that some with more paths and buildings to get lost in. 

Another big addition is controller support. That's right, Call of Duty: Mobile will now support PS4 and Xbox controllers, with a new section in the settings that will let you manage those controllers.

Call of Duty Mobile has enjoyed great success since its launch and expanding the offering will help it compete with other games out there. We still think that it's all about the fast-paced multiplayer action, as we prefer the battle royale gameplay in PUBG Mobile - but it's great to have too such high quality mobile games to play. 

The update should be available on your device now.

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Writing by Chris Hall.