Bungie has announced the second expansion pack for Destiny will release soon.

The developer revealed the news via a trailer and said the downloadable content for its open-world shooter will be called House of Wolves. It follows The Dark Below expansion pack and launches 19 May, likely bringing three new missions, a new Strike, a new Raid, three multiplayer maps, and a multiplayer elimination mode.

Rumours about the expansion pack first surfaced last autumn, when gamers discovered a game glitch that detailed the pack's name and mission details. Bungie hasn't confirmed the new Raid in the pack, but several reports, which cited the leak from last year, have claimed it is coming and will be named The Arena.

Many gamers will also be excited to learn that House Of Wolves is expected to turn the Reef into new explorable area in the game. The pack will likely also add hundreds of new weapons, armour, and equipment, as well as a higher-level Strike playlist and a new level cap for Weekly Nightfall activity of 32.

Check out the trailer below for a closer look at what else might be coming.