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(Pocket-lint) - Activision has announced it is bringing back Guitar Hero. Well, it didn't officially announce anything; it just released a teaser video, which is leading everyone to believe the publisher wants to resurrect the music game genre.

Earlier this year, after news of a return for Rock Band emerged, several reports claimed Activision wanted to resurrect the Guitar Hero franchise with an all-new take for the new generation of consoles. Little else was known about the upcoming game, except that it was in development for a release later this year.


Activision has now set the record almost straight via a teaser video, which hints it'll reveal something tomorrow. The video shows members of Broken Tide waiting back stage at the SoundDial event, and then it shows them taking the stage. We also hear the familiar sounds of fans screaming and guitars firing up to rock.

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RedOctane and Harmonix first debuted the Guitar Hero series in 2005, with Activision signed on as a distributor (Activision also later bought RedOctane). The game lets players use a plastic game controller to simulate playing lead guitar, bass, and rhythm across a range of different rock music songs.

Activision's teaser video closed with the following message: “It’s about to get real”, along with the date 14 April, meaning the publisher should make a legit, official announcement tomorrow. Exciting!

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Writing by Elyse Betters.