Destiny might be a very popular game but that doesn’t put it out of the reach of Honest Game Trailers.  The videos are used to satirise games in a mock trailer. The film version of this was very popular so why not use it for games too? If you're a Destiny fan you'll see why.

The trailer takes apart all the major problems with Destiny that both fans and reviewers have complained about.

Destiny is a combination of first person shooter, role playing game and online multiplayer. But, as the trailer points out, it does each in piecemeal parts rather than incorporating the best of each. You can't trade weapons with other users, for example.

Destiny's maker Bungie has announced that a DLC pack will be coming that will address these issues as well as promising an update soon to extend the game. The trailer makes the point that, of course, this DLC is another way for the creator to make more money. And it will need it after spending a reported $500 million to make the game.

Then there's the similarity to Halo, which can't be denied. Calling Peter Dinklage's robo Ghost character Cortana is a fair point as it's pretty much the same character device.

Many players complained of repetition too, which the trailer doesn’t let slide either. So if you're a fan of the game and don't want to hear the realities don't watch the trailer.

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