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(Pocket-lint) - What do you get it if marry Call of Duty with House of Cards? It seems the next installment of the Call of Duty games; Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. 

Following the official trailer leaking online, this new trailer has been revealed, giving a 4 November release date. According to Activision and the trailer, the new Advanced Warfare installment will centre around PMCs, private military corporations, one of which is run by Kevin Spacey turning on the government. 

As you would expect, the trailer gives away little, but does show plenty of explosions, the use of futuristic weapons like drones, hover bikes, and Elysium style exo-suits, as well as more explosions. 

One cool big of kit we spotted was a set of gloves that are able to stick to surfaces, allowing the character to climb walls. Will this mean a more open environment that the usual linear COD games we're used to? The temporary walls that can be setup also lend weight to that possibility. 

The game also appears to feature stealth suits and aircraft. This would suggest that may be a greater element of stealth available to gamers, making it remind us more and more of Metal Gear Solid.

Publisher Activision has previously revealed that Sledgehammer Games is developing the new Call of Duty title, and that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the focus platforms. When the game launches, it will be the first release in Activision's new three-year cycle for Call of Duty. The franchise is also locked into a new development cycle between three teams: Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch.

The three-year cycle between three development teams will ensure quality and give designers time to envision and innovate, according to Activision. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 2 May 2014.