We've already had a chance to see Call of Duty: Ghosts up close and personal with a multiplayer hands-on at Gamescom. Yet still we're excited when taking a look at the single-player campaign in this new trailer.

Opening in space, as the game is reported to do, is a very exciting prospect. It's like Moonraker Bond with hordes of henchmen suited up to do you harm. Though we're interested to hear how the space guns work. And before you say guns don't fire in space know that bullets have an oxidiser in their gun powder so they can ignite anywhere, even space.

Back to earth and the excitement is still high as that now famous tactical dog makes an appearance attempting to take on a helicopter no less. Then we see a canister being thrown and shot to ignite - a great option if that's used in the game. The story looks existent too, even if it pales in comparison to the action.

We can't wait until 5 November when Call of Duty: Ghosts is released. Until then we're just going to watch this trailer a few more times.