The brand new game from Halo creators Bungie has had its first gameplay unveil at E3. Until now very little has been known about Destiny, but following the Sony E3 conference we now finally have some gameplay footage to enjoy.

Destiny is a hugely ambitious game, designed to be like one continuous sprawling MMO that takes place across vast environments and between every single player of the game. It features all the usual Halo-style shooting, but with bigger emphasis on character customisation and an entirely new storyline and world separate from that of Master Chief.

During the gameplay demo it becomes immediately obvious just how impressive a game Destiny is shaping up to be. Graphically it's about as next-gen as it gets, with lighting proving to be a particular highlight.

The weaponry and art direction also look to be a big change from Bungie's usual approach to design. What does appear to have returned from Halo however is the big open sprawling battles.

The Sony conference also made it clear that there would be some exclusive content coming to the PS4 version of the game, what exactly that exclusive content turns out to be remains to be seen.