UK retailer Tesco accidentally let slip the title of the next chapter in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Ghosts. And, for good measure, it published a picture of the PS3 cover art before the listing was removed.

The game, which the retailer said would be coming in December (although a November release is more likely), is a new direction for the series. Rather than being Modern Warfare 4 as previously thought, it looks to focus on the more secretive and covert side of soldiering. However, the leaked artwork also confirms that the action will continue to at least be set in the modern day and it is being widely reported that it will be based in the Modern Warfare realm, if not carry the moniker. Some even believed a return to World War II could be on the cards.

call of duty ghosts leaked online by tesco image 2

The game is once again developed by Infinity Ward and contrary to other former beliefs, the game will be coming out for current generation consoles, not just next-gen and PC.