Fresh off the back of Samsung’s "big" Galaxy S III online reveal, Call of Duty’s website is promising a big announcement on 1 May.

All will be revealed during the basketball play-offs shown on American cable channel TNT. 

With not much else to go on, speculation is rife. 

The smart money would appear to be on a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with rumour-mongers and conspiracy theorists suggesting that the barely recognisable figure in the background of the site’s homepage resembles the same figurine that appeared on the front of the first game.

Of course, after the reveal will come the wait for the game to actually arrive, which is looking likely to be November – just in time for Christmas.

That would be two years since the first Call of Duty: Black Ops game hit games consoles across the land.

Which means we’re well overdue a sequel, right? 

Be sure to tune in on 1 May to find out.

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