Activision has come out all guns blazing, as Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is now available for iPhone/iPad and is live and ready to download from the App Store.

Based on Treyarch's console version and adapted by the folks at Ideaworks Game Studio, the FPS will see you blasting your way through hordes of the undead in single or multiplayer modes.

And it's multiplayer where the action is, which is fortunate as the game supports up to 4 players battling it out at any one time along with voice-chat to boot. There's only one map available at the moment, Kino der Toten, but more should follow as there will be free content updates coming.

Another nice addition is 50 levels of Dead-Ops Arcade, a top-down mini game found within the original console title.

Anyone splashing out the £4.99 download price should see pretty regular updates including all sorts of features, upgrades and maps - so you should certainly get your money's worth.

As mentioned it's ready and waiting in the App Store now.

Feature - How to survive a zombie apocalypse