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(Pocket-lint) - Mad Catz, the video game peripheral specialist, is at Gamescom in full force this year, and was keen to show Pocket-lint its new Call of Duty: Black Ops accessories, including a world's first sneak peak at the Tritton branded Black Ops Dolby Surround Sound headset.

The headset, which was co-designed with game developer Activision, will be hitting the shops in time for the 9 November launch date, and will be compatible with both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

It has dual-decoding chips in the amplifier-box with one chip dedicated to taking the 5.1 sound in, and the other converting it into Dolby's headphone technology, giving you a 5.1 surround sound experience with the two-cans.

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The cans have an in-line connector with multiple controls letting you decide how loud you want the game volume, your online buddies' voices and your own voice too.

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The headset, which is souped up to the max with Black Ops graphics and logos, will feature backlit ear-cups giving you a stealthy look whilst you're (virtually) killing the Russians.

Our Mad Catz insider told us: "For the hardcore gamer, when you're playing Black Ops there isn't going to be a better quality headset upon launch".

As well as the headset, Mad Catz was also displaying its Cyborg R.A.T Black Ops style gaming mouse, complete with optional gaming surface, which is 5600dpi and has a moveable palm rest as well as 15 programmable modes, to go with precision aiming and 35g of adjustable weights - all wrapped up in a sexy looking aluminium case.

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The mouse comes with a 1GB flash dog-tag that lets you save your custom profile for COD tournaments and sessions at your pals when you haven't got your own pointer with you.

Finally, Mad Catz gave us a glimpse of the Black Ops branded Xbox 360 combat controller that takes its COD2 efforts a step further by adding improved combat buttons and, for the first time, a precision aim mode so you can slow down your controller - making it easy to get that ever elusive throat shot (or is it just Pocket-lint that goes for the jugular on Call of Duty?)

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Our source explains: “The combat buttons have little switches above that allow you to assign movements that you'd normally find on the front of the pad and reassign them to the rear so when you're entering a melee attack you no longer have to take your thumbs off the analogue thumb sticks”.

The controller also contains specialised grips based on a real M16 and, like the headset, it features cool backlights to add to your killing spree ambience.

The Mad Catz Call of Duty: Black Ops range will be out in time for the game's official launch in November, and we'll get you price details as soon as we can.

Incidentally, Pocket-lint was lucky enough to see a screening of some new Black Ops gameplay footage at Gamescom. As Shaun Ryder would say, it twisted our melon.

Be excited, be very, very excited.

Halo or Black Ops for the game launch of the year title? Or has Red Dead Redemption already stolen that crown? Give us your gaming thoughts below.

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