Furious finger-fretting frontmen and their friends have another reason to be excited this September with the debut of the all-new, redesigned and customisable guitar controller for Activison's Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

According to Activision, the style of the new guitar controller was inspired by the game’s unique art style and over-the-top story that players will experience in Quest Mode, the franchise’s first story-driven experience in which players embark on an epic rock journey to help save rock n’ roll. 

What that means for you and me is that all essential parts are now contained within the neck allowing removable "wings" to be replaced with alternatives, giving gamers the chance to tailor the guitar controller to their own unique style.

Those not up on their Guitar Hero folk lore should know that in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, join with friends on an epic rock journey to save rock n’ roll. 

Rock on!