UK Takeaway food portal has discovered that strum-em-up Guitar Hero was the most popular game to play with friends. Out of 1,737 Brits polled, 56 per cent of them said they enjoy a spot of placky-rock posing with their chums.

SingStar came second with 51 per cent of people saying they enjoy a good bout of group warbling, and Mario Kart Wii-tomfoolery came third.

However, while FIFA was the fourth most popular communal game, the latest generations of Pro Evolution Soccer barely got a look in, and fell outside the top ten. How the mighty have fallen.

Of course, this is all fun and, literally, games, but what's it got to do with Just-Eat? Well, 71 per cent of  the same people surveyed also said they like to share a takeaway. Not the Pocket-lint team, of course, pizza-hoggers each and every one of them.

The results in full:

1. Guitar Hero – 56%
2. SingStar – 53%
3. Mario Kart – 51%
4. FIFA – 48%
5. Wii Sports – 46%
6. Buzz – 42%
7. Just Dance – 39%
8. Need for Speed – 36%
9. Rock Band – 34%
10. Tekken – 33%