Games publisher Activision has not had a great time of late. It's currently undergoing an acrimonious and court-bound split with the employees of Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, and its CEO, Mark Griffiths announced his decision to resign from his post yesterday. However, as silver linings go, the company has pulled out a doozey.

It has just announced a ten-year exclusive partnership with Halo creater Bungie to bring the company's "next big action game universe to the market" - expected to run over a series of titles, and, most importantly, across multiple platforms.

Bungie is no stranger to fall-outs itself, having split from Microsoft in 2007. Although it has continued to supply Halo games, as per the terms of its original contract, it is believed that tying the developer to xbox and PC exclusivity has always been a sticking point.

There's no such shackles in this deal, and it is expected that Activision will be keen to hit as many different gaming platforms as possible, including, naturally, PlayStation 3 and iPhone/iPad.

As games industry trade paper MCV reports, Activision is seeing this deal as a major coup, especially in difficult times: “This agreement is about bringing Bungie’s new great IP to gamers worldwide to a platform of their choice and at the same time further drive Activision’s profitable growth opportunities in a way that accretive to operating income margins,” stated the company's COO Thomas Tippl.

Maybe the tide is turning back in the publisher's favour.