Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has officially launched around the globe. But how, as a fan, do you show your love for the latest First Person Shooter? You get your favourite gadget laser engraved of course.

Gamers keen to help celebrate the New York launch in Union Square were treated to a free engraving service from Coveroo on any device they wanted (or more to the point had on hand).

Gamers could opt for seven designs, including logos for GameStop, Xbox 360, and Activision, although not PS3, even though the game is available on the Sony console.

Daryl, a gamer at the party, opted for a soldier on the back of his iPhone, while two other gamers we talked to opted to get their T-Mobile G1 and HTC My Touch 3G engraved losing the "with Google" logo at the same time.

Now that's dedication.

A quick straw poll of who was getting what engraved suggested iPhone users where keen to mark there Apple handsets. 

The game launches in both the UK and the US on 11 November and is tipped to be the biggest selling title of the year.

So what gadget would you get engraved?