DJ Hero, Activision's attempt at turning its Guitar Hero franchise over to the world of electronic music, has now been released in Europe and is available to buy. The game simulates some of the fundamentals of DJing using a plastic "deck" controller, allowing players to mash up a whole host of different bands.

There are 93 mixes in the game, complete with genres that cross rock, pop, dance, R'n'B, techno and hip-hop. Artists as diverse as Queen, Eminem, Daft Punk and Bloc Party are present on the soundtrack, which can be seen in full here.

The game costs £110 with the turntable kit, so it's not cheap, though Amazon's currently selling it for £90. There's also a "Renegade Edition" which comes with a premium controller, hardshell case, and a stand to put your deck on. There's also a CD from Jay-Z and Eminem that contains a best-of both artists and some unreleased tracks. That costs £140.

DJ Hero is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.