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(Pocket-lint) - Minecraft is possibly the original occupant of a slot that Fortnite has certainly now slipped into as well - a game that absolutely exploded into public consciousness, then slowly stopped being talked about quite as much, despite still maintaining astronomical player figures.

Millions of players are still exploring and discovering new things they can do in its voxel-based universe, and the creativity of the game's modding scene is almost jaw-dropping at times. 

This is one of those occasions - a mod from VM Computers has been around for a short while, letting players construct an actual, working PC using parts they collect in-game, which can boot a few different operating systems.

That's impressive enough on its own, but is also very much a gateway. After all, if you can build a working computer, surely that computer can run programs, or even games? 

Enter Reddit user uDrunkMate, who's managed to get the original Doom running on their in-game PC, quite literally creating a working game within a game. That's a litmus test for a successful hack, in most people's eyes, and we're certainly impressed.

It does raise the question of where the ceiling is for this tech; is there any real blocker on what people will eventually be running inside Minecraft? The sky's the limit, it would seeem.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.