Remember Command and Conquer Red Alert back from your gaming heydays of the mid 90s? Thought you did and that is clearly what  EA are hoping for, with the launch of an iPhone edition in the next couple of weeks.

Of course Pocket-lint was there to grab a quick play and snap a few shots of the game in action. The end result? Lots and lots of finger scrolling as you manage your soldiers, vehicles and aircraft around the tiny screen.

We didn't get a good enough play to do a full on first look review, that wouldn't be fair, but aside from the control mechanism, which you are either going to grasp or not, fans of the series will relish the graphics, looks and feel of the game - it really is like going back 13 years.

With 12 levels in the campaign mode and a skirmish mode too, as long as your finger seems up for it then this should allow you to relive those C&C days.