Both EA and Namco appear to be planning iPhone versions of their popular video game franchises - Rock Band and Tekken, respectively. Both games are in development, with Rock Band seeming to be the one that'll be appearing first.

Rock Band is already available on several mobile devices, but judging from a demo reel of EA Mobile's portfolio, spotted by CrunchGear, the game is firmly in the works with a video showing notes flowing down a fretboard and four plectrum-shaped buttons at the bottom for triggering them. It'll apparently have premium content downloadable, and four player multiplayer via Bluetooth.

Tekken for the iPhone, on the other hand, has been outed by Jonathan Kromray - Namco's head of its Apple Games division. Speaking to the Washington Post, he said: "If we can take Tekken and make it really fun to play on the iPhone, then we will. We do have a back catalogue of Japanese games that we're working on, as well as some new IP".

We'll keep you posted on the progress of both games as we get new information.