We like photos here at Pocket-lint, we like them a lot. That's why we've been working hard to bring a new slick feature to our photo galleries on the site, for both news and reviews stories, to save you time and improve your experience.

This means that we, when possible, will bring you photo galleries of the latest and greatest gadgets released.

My promise to you is that we take pride in our images. They are just as important as the words.

We only use DSLR cameras to shoot the products, and we take time selecting, editing and choosing the right image to show any gadgets we shoot to the best vantage point.

You won't find blurry, out of focus, poorly shot photos taken by us, that's a promise.

We've taken that love for photography and today added a new feature to all our photo galleries on the site.

Now when you select a new image within the gallery, a clever bit of code will refresh the image rather than the whole page.

It's a small detail we know, but one that isn't currently adopted within the industry, with many sites hoping you'll load multiple pages to inflate their page impression numbers.

Mainly to create a better user experience for you. That sounds cheesy, but it's true. My hope is that with a better image gallery system and experience you'll look at more of our images and in turn learn more about the gadget we've shot.

Unfortunately no. We've tested it on a lot of them, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and others, and some of the older browsers, yes IE6 we are talking about you, some can't cope with the code. You'll still get to see all of the images, it's just your browser might have to reload the page every time. The solution? Upgrade to the latest browser and it will be sure to work.

Feel free to give us a shout via the comments below or feedback form on what you think or, annoyingly, if you spot any bugs.

Stuart and the Pocket-lint team.