A startup called Spawn Labs has launched at TechCrunch50, which promises to stream the output of your games console to you, wherever you are in the world.

The company will stream 720p video across the internet to you, and send back your commands with whatever input device you like. It can also let you connect to other people's consoles, with their permission, to locally play a multiplayer game without actually being there.

The service is built around the Spawn HD Pro box, which costs $199 and is available right now. It also allows you to stream video over a home network so that you can play in a different room to where your console is, or you can put it in "watch" mode to broadcast your l33t skillz to the world without anyone else interfering.

The drawback to this approach compared to "cloud gaming" alternatives like OnLive and OTOY is that you have to have the game in the drive of your console - and you can't swap it out from miles away unless there's someone you can phone at home to do it for you. We also wonder if the console has to be switched on for the duration of your trip, too.