Harmonix, the company behind The Beatles: Rock Band has issued a denial that the company is working on a SingStar version of the game.

"MTV Games and Harmonix have the exclusive rights to create music games based on The Beatles per our exclusive partnership with Apple Corps Ltd. Contrary to the rumored reports, there is no Singstar: Beatles software product. There is only 'The Beatles: Rock Band' hitting shelves worldwide on 9/9/09 on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii in which players can play as a singing game or as a full band game."

However the company has said that it plans to release a number of different retail variants of the game including "The Beatles Microphone Bundles."

The news means gamers will still be able to sing to their hearts content without having to worry about clogging up their living room with drum kits and guitars.

It seems some form of Chinese whisphers took it from it will be "like SingStar" to it actually "is SingStar".

No word on when a Microphone only version will be out, however the game hits the UK shops on 9 September.