ID has rolled out an update to its browser-based Quake Live game which means that it's now available for Mac and Linux users. Neither group have reputations as gamers, but given the more retro nature of Quake Live, perhaps it'll rope in some former Quake III fans.

The team behind it says that you might have difficulties with Firefox on Mac - an update came out for the browser after ID finished their build that broke things. However, they've put in a ticket with Mozilla, and are hoping it'll be fixed soon.

A few bugs have been fixed - leaderboards are online again, personal config file sizes have been increased from 16KB to 64KB, and an issue where keybinds were lost has been fixed. CTF Instagib servers have also been launched.

The update is now live, so if you enjoyed Quake III Arena back in 2000, then give Quake Live a go in your browser. It's free, after all.