Android users are a bunch of boring workaholics if results from a new survey are anything to go by.

According to app store analytics company Distimo following some basic surveying the top apps available for both Android and iPhone. Android users are workers, iPhone users are gamers.

In what could be described as a rudimentary test, the company studied the top 15 applications purchased for the iPhone and found nine of them were games. In comparison not one game made it into the top 15 titles available for the Android platform.

This pattern continued when comparing the most popular free applications for the two operating systems

A third of the iPhone's most popular downloads where games while games didn't even feature in the Android free chart.

Apple's adverts for the iPod touch focus on games celebrating the device as the "funnest" iPod yet, however the company's iPhone adverts focus on productivity and utility applications.

Android has yet to do any specific advertising with the operators currently stocking Android handsets unsure where to place the handset.

Do you play games on your HTC handset? If so what?