DJ Hero has been granted its very own premium version in the form of the "Renegade Edition", which adds a load of bells and whistles to the regular DJ Hero package. Not actual bells and whistles, you understand, though that'd probably work in some of the more rave-y mashups.

No, what's actually added is a "premium" version of the controller, which features metal controls and finish, a hardshell turntable carrying case so you don't get that controller knocked about, and a stand that folds out, so you can use it stood up. Lastly, Jay-Z and Eminem are involved, so you'll also get a double CD pack of exclusive and unreleased tracks from both artists.

There's no pricing yet, but the "Regenade Edition" of DJ Hero should be out in time for Christmas, and includes over 100 tracks combined into 80 unique mixes that blend rock, pop, r&b, hip-hop and electronica. Jazzy Jeff and DJ Shadow are involved, among others yet to be announced.