Gordon Brown has revealed in an interview that he intends to spend his summer playing video games. The UK prime minister, who's currently enjoying parliamentary recess, said that he'll be playing with his kids.

The Mirror revealed the news in a transcript of a chat with the PM: "He plans to do more "re-winning" of [his childrens'] interest as he watches the boys' favourite TV shows and plays computer games over the next few weeks at the couple's home in Scotland and on their holiday".

However, the PM has, in the past, linked video games with knife crime, saying at the start of 2008: "I am very worried about video and computer games. No one wants censorship or an interfering State. But the industry has some responsibility to society and needs to exercise that".

We hope that he'll be playing Civilization, or Empire: Total War, but it's probably just going to be Halo, isn't it? If you could recommend one game to Gordon, what would it be? Let us know in the comments.