Empire Of Sports, the virtual world dedicated to sports, has announced that it's opening up a brand new city for the game - the UK - as well as a partnership with "legendary" Welsh footballer Ian Rush.

The company hopes that the new UK location will bulk up the number British people participating in the world, which has been developed by a French company, F4. Rush will be featured in-game as an NPC, who's able to issue missions to players and grant new tricks.

Alexis Galley, CEO of Empire of Sports, said: "We are delighted to announce the UK as a city within Empire of Sports. It has been our wish to incorporate this city as quickly as possible to make it more enjoyable for British players to play the game in their own language. We know that many people have been eagerly awaiting this version of the game and we hope they enjoy it".

The game's also hosting a competition called "Good Morning UK", where players are invited to create a video of a new character, being "as creative and imaginative as possible". More information can be found on the game's website.

Empire of Sports is still in beta, which the developers are calling "Prologue", and is currently free to play. You can upgrade to a "Premium" account for 2.22 euros a month, which gets you performance boosts, special events and more character slots.