If you're a big iPhone gamer, you'll surely be at least a little irritated by the touchscreen controls on some of the more arcade-y titles. Well, 22Moo has the solution. The GameBone Pro.

It has produced a bone-shaped Bluetooth control pad for the handheld, which features an 8-directional control pad (no analog stick, sadly), six buttons, a built-in rechargable battery and Bluetooth.

There's also built-in speakers, a mic and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Intriguingly, the GameBone isn't going to be released until mid-September, and the manufacturers are asking the public to suggest a price.

"We want to ensure our customers get the best value possible and our distributors/resellers receive a decent margin as well. Please feel free to suggest a recommended price for our GameBone Pro", says the company.

We'll keep you posted of the Gamebone's pricing and UK availability nearer the time of its release.