Verbatim has announced the release of two new gaming headsets that claim to offer first-class sound quality and improved gaming performance.

The Rapier USB Gaming Headset's big feature is vibration. The company says that an integrated bass amplifier means that you'll actually be able to feel explosions and bassy sounds in the game.

The vibration covers 20Hz to 200Hz, and the speakers bring that up to 20kHz. It's accompanied by a VoIP-enabled microphone with a mute button, an adjustable headband, and leatherette earpads.

Then there's a 5.1 surround gaming headset. The same mutable microphone and leatherette earpads are present, along with a subwoofer than can pump out 50Hz to 5kHz, with a maximum output of 500mW.

We're hoping that there are other speakers in there that can reach a little higher than 5kHz (most humans can hear up to 20kHz) but there's no mention of them in any of the material we've been sent.

The Rapier USB Gaming Headset with vibration is available
for £40, whereas the 5.1 Channel Gaming USB Headset costs £50.