Sony has triumphed in a survey which asked teens to rate brands in different categories. Apple, Nokia and MySpace scored well, too.

The Global Habbo Youth Survey Brand Update 2009, which is a bit of a mouthful, surveyed 112,000 teens across the world aged between 11 and 19. It found that the Sony PSP was the top gaming choice for most teenagers.

Even in the full-size console area, Sony won out with its PS3. Nintendo came second, with Microsoft trailing in third. However, among UK teens, the Nintendo Wii scored much higher, topping British tables.

Sony came first and Apple came second for consumer technology globally, followed closely by Nintendo. Among UK teenagers, Apple won but Nintendo remained in third with Sony holding on to second place.

In the mobile phone category, Nokia hit first place with 21% of the vote, leading Sony Ericsson who were second. MySpace came first among websites, followed by YouTube and then Facebook.

Habbo UK manager commented: “It would seem teen brand loyalty is directly linked to desirability of the product. Technological innovation is attractive to teens, but it is equally important for brands to excite young people by engaging with them in ways that are relevant”.