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(Pocket-lint) - The entire 28-song tracklisting has been revealed for Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits on the Nintendo DS. It includes Coldplay, Foo Fighters and the Strokes, among many other acts. Here's the full list:

* 12 Stones - “Adrenalin”
* AFI - “Miss Murder”
* Angels & Airwaves - “Call to Arms”
* Atreyu - “Falling Down”
* Black Tide - “Shockwave”
* Coldplay - “Violet Hill”
* Endeverafter - “I Wanna Be Your Man”
* Evanescence - “Sweet Sacrifice”
* Fall Out Boy - “This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race”
* Finger Eleven - “Paralyzer”
* Foo Fighters - “All My Life”
* Franz Ferdinand - “The Fallen”
* Kaiser Chiefs - “Ruby”
* Lenny Kravitz - “Where Are We Runnin'?”
* Modest Mouse - “Dashboard”
* Phantom Planet - “Do The Panic”
* Sum 41 - “Still Waiting”
* Tenacious D - “The Metal”
* The Bravery - “Unconditional”
* The Donnas - “What Do I Have to Do”
* The Duke Spirit - “Lassoo”
* The Fratellis - “Chelsea Dagger”
* The Kooks - “Always Where I Need to Be”
* The Offspring - “Half-Truism”
* The Strokes - “Reptilia”
* Weezer - “Everybody Get Dangerous”
* Wolfmother - “Dimension”
* Yellowcard - “Lights and Sounds”

All but three of those tracks (it's not clear which ones) are comprised of the master tracks from the original recordings. The game will be released this summer, and come with the Guitar Grip peripheral and pick stylus.

One thing that'll be interesting to see is how developers Vicarious Visions deal with the fact that the newly released Nintendo DSi has no GBA slot. The original Guitar Hero On Tour used that slot for the Guitar Grip peripheral.

Possibilities include integrating the game card itself into the controller, which could prove prone to damage, or using the new SD card slot, which would reduce the availability of downloadable content and prevent older versions of the console playing the game.

A wireless approach could also be possible, though that would mean some form of batteries for the Guitar Grip, an idea unlikely to be popular among gamers. We've asked Activision what the deal's going to be, so when we hear back, we'll let you know.

UPDATE: Activision has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the Guitar Grip shipping with Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits will not be compatible with the DSi. If you're a proud owner of Nintendo's newest handheld, then steer clear.

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